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August 5, 2020
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Mastering this career skill can save yourself some serious time each week

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Jul 26, 2020  •   •  2 minute read

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Every program or software has something to offer. The one program everyone needs to be using regardless of career or field is Microsoft Excel. It’s got something to offer everyone. It even has value outside professional needs and can serve your personal financial goals.

If time is your concern—or the lack of it—Excel can help you figure it all out. Its features can finally return some much-needed time to you. However, you might need some training to learn the tricks and quirks of the program. The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle featuring Alan Jarvis and Chris Dutton has got all the answers to your questions, and it is down 97 per cent for only $39.99 USD. This knowledge is worth every penny, but that’s only if your time is.

You can automate tasks

Excel is pure magic, baby. Especially if you know how to navigate it. You see, Microsoft helps make its software customizable to users through VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications. It allows you to tweak toolbars and menus to force the program to do what you want it to do. It’s easier than it sounds, and VBA can help automate tasks on Excel, which is a major time-saver. The course bundle can explain it all for you, too. One of its courses, “Microsoft Excel Essentials, Level 3: Macros and VBA Programming” will teach you how to program in VBA so that you can tweak Excel’s code to automate whatever you want it to do. The course is 14 hours long and covers lessons on coding and automation. Like I said: magic.

You can create templates

If you’re less interested in coding, that’s not all that Excel makes possible. The program allows you to create templates you can reuse. These templates can save you time if you’re working on the same types of reports or documents. While templates can house different formatting options, they can also save the formulas you repeatedly use to do the math Excel is perhaps most famous for. That’ll save you time from having to input them every time you’re working on something new. “Microsoft Excel Essentials, Level 2: Intermediate/Advanced” is a course in the bundle that goes beyond the basics. The first course revolves around templates, but the course goes further to ensure you can develop databases and fulfill project plans, too.

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You can use dynamic formulas

Speaking of formulas, they’ll save you a bunch of time on their own. You can thank Excel for that. The program has built-in math functions to help you add things up, find averages, and keep track of finances or data. It’s super helpful, especially for those who struggle with math. The formulas are better utilized when you’re familiar with them, and “Microsoft Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions” covers more formulas and functions than you’ll need. The course’s 103 lessons will transform Excel into a tool unlike any other in your kit.

The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle featuring Alan Jarvis & Chris Dutton is only $39.99 USD right now. If you’re finding yourself short on time at work, Excel might be able to help you out.

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