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August 5, 2020
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Why those who are unemployed should learn to master this transferable office skill

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Jul 03, 2020  •   •  3 minute read

Becoming more proficient in the use of Microsoft Office will give you a competitive edge in your job search. bongkarn thanyakij/pexels

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There are a few basic skills you should know to succeed in the professional world: organization, communication, and Microsoft Office, of course. In the pandemic economy, these skills are especially essential. Unemployment in Canada was up to 13 per cent in April, which is the second-highest rate in recorded history.

If you’re looking to find a job during this current economic crisis, you have to make yourself competitive. Showing employers you know your stuff when it comes to a software suite as ubiquitous as Microsoft Office can give you a considerable edge.

Need to work on your Office knowledge? The Complete 2020 Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle features 59 hours of training covering six different programs within Microsoft Office:

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  • Microsoft Teams
  • Outlook 2019
  • Excel 2019 (Beginner, Advanced and Beginner for Mac)
  • PowerPoint 2019
  • Word 2019
  • Access 2019 and Advanced Access

The bundle is 95 per cent off for only $39.99 USD. If you’re trying to re-enter the job market, this bundle might be all that you’re missing. Here’s why it’s important to get savvy with Microsoft Office:

It’s a required skill

In most careers, workers find themselves using common programs like Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. Think about all the times you’ve used these programs on the job. Well, it turns out that expertise in Microsoft Office is the only software package that’s needed within the top 20 skills across a number of occupations, according to a white paper from the International Data Corporation (though the paper was sponsored by Microsoft itself). The researchers concluded that Microsoft Office was No. 4 on the list while Microsoft PowerPoint was No. 16. These programs offer so many features and options that require a little training to figure out. The Complete 2020 Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle can help get you up to speed with Office staples like Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint and even offers advanced training for Excel and Access.

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The best jobs want this skill

Let’s face it: some jobs are better than others. Every job can help you pay the bills, but not all will come with the promise of benefits or a pension plan. That’s what makes these skills so important; they can help you land a good job, one you actually want. The paper from IDC found that “high-opportunity occupations” that pay a higher salary require employees to have a number of skills: problem-solving, integrity, and Microsoft Office. Some things are harder to learn. After all, you can’t exactly teach someone how to be creative. As for Excel or PowerPoint? You can get up to speed with these and more Office programs through this discounted course bundle.

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It’s the secret to success

These programs are what help professionals communicate these days. If you’re writing up a project proposal, you’ll need to know how to use Microsoft Word to effectively type it up and share it. The same goes if you want to communicate visually. Creating and sharing data across different Microsoft Office programs is pretty simple, but you need to know how to use them if you’re going to communicate effectively.

“While over the past three years we’ve seen the breadth of needed skills for jobs increase by 68 per cent, we’ve also seen that communication skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office and PowerPoint, remain vitally important for success in the workplace,” said Anthony Salcito, Microsoft’s vice president of worldwide education, in a statement.

Gain proficiency in these skills to help give yourself an edge on the job hunt. The Complete 2020 Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle is a worthy investment for someone trying to build a new career for only $39.99 USD.

Prices subject to change. Software not included.

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